Shun Premier Grey 5pc Knife Block Set

Shun Premier Grey 5pc Knife Block Set

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The Shun Premier Grey 5-piece Starter Set gets you started right with the three most-needed kitchen knives—the Shun Premier Grey 8-in. Chef's Knife, the 4-in. Paring Knife, and the 6.5-in. Utility Knife. There's also a Combination Honing Steel to help maintain your edge. Everything fits in our Slimline Bamboo Block designed to take up less space on your countertop. There's also room to expand your set with one additional knife and a handy pair of kitchen shears.

Shun Premier Grey features a PakkaWood Handle that offers a comfortable grip. Stylish Grey-colored PakkaWood is durable, and won't harbor bacteria. The embossed endcap adds beauty and balance.

The handle features a full composite tang that adds strength and balance.